Free re-dyeing service


tezomeya products can be re-dyed for free. Natural dyes fade over time. We want you to enjoy these colors as long as possible, so we offer a lifetime re-dyeing service on our products. Patterned items (shibori, tie-dyed, patterned etc.) are difficult to re-dye so we offer to over-dye them with a solid color.

What is “free re-dye service”?

"Free re-dye service” is an after-care service that tezomeya offers for its products.

The tezomeya colors are durable but inevitably, the warm and complicated colors will fade. We try our best to avoid this by following a carefully conceived process. However, compared to synthetic dyes the color is weak. Therefore, if the color fades and becomes something you do not absolutely love, you can send it to us and we will re-dye it. If the plants are compatible then there is the possibility of even dyeing it to a different color. If you utilize this service, it is possible to enjoy several different colors from one t-shirt. In order for the customer to enjoy the colors as long as possible, we offer this service.

If I accidentally bleached my tezomeya product, or used the product in an unusual way, is this service applicable?

Yes. The only circumstance we will not accept an item for re-dyeing is when there is obvious abuse to a product.

Is this service only available for one product, one time?

No. The re-dye service is unlimited for the life of your purchase.

Can you re-dye my product back to the color I purchased?

In an exact sense, no. However, we will try our best to get it as close as possible. There is a high chance that after re-dyeing, a product will be darker than the original color.

Can you re-dye to a different color?

Yes. If conditions permit, we can dye it to a color of your choice. So please let us know which color you want.

Can you dye over tie-dye patterns and one-of-a-kind processed items?

Yes. However, it is impossible to get a perfect result of the original pattern. There is the possibility that the original pattern will be less visible after re-dyeing.

Is there anything I need to be cautious about when using the re-dyeing service?

Yes. Some kinds of stains, (protein based) like food or sweat, will show up darker after re-dyeing. Re-dyeing in Hanada-iro, or the darker colors however, will not react as strongly to stains. Nevertheless, feel free to contact us with any further questions about this.

Can I use this re-dyeing service for the kimono dyed by tezomeya?

Yes. We disassemble the entire kimono, re-dye and finally reassemble. The re-dye is free, but the sewing and re-sewing are extra.

How can you stay in business if this is a free service?

Thank you for your concern. However, as of 2013, our data shows that only 5% of our customers utilize this service. When we started this service we were a bit uneasy, but we thought that if we received many of these re-dye requests then our products might not be good enough. Since only 5% of our customs request this service, we assume that people enjoy our colors. So until there is a breakthrough in natural dyeing that allows us to dye as strong as synthetics then we will continue to offer this service. We are happy that we can enjoy our colors with our customers.